We’ve finally got a first look at adult Ron and Hermione in “The Cursed Child”!

Oh, that’s it,” she groaned, lovingly caressing Ron’s ginger hair. Tongue fuck my sweet, little, pussy like that. You love the way that dirty, sopping, twat tastes, don’t you, honey? Shove it in deeper! Oh God, slurp that pussy and make me cream! Their clothes had been flung carelessly in all directions, and Hermione was on her back with her legs in the air. She was squirming wildly as Ron groped her ass and shoved his face into her pussy with relish. With the other girls he had dated, Ron only did that to get his cock sucked, but with Hermione, he simply couldn’t help himself. He could feel her pussy clamping down on his tongue hard and taste the tangy juices pouring into his mouth.

In what movie do Hermione and Ron start dating

Are ron and hermione dating in real life Since Emma Watson was too embarrassed to hug the are ron and hermione dating in real life in the. Smart local shopping starts here. Minister Hermione Jean Granger b.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Draco have all come a long way from their days at Hogwarts. Before they were stars. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint pose together in , after they.

WriterBunny Ron and Hermione.. Their feet touch slightly and Hermione pressed her foot harder against his. Ron stared at her before smiling gently and pressing back also. He turned to talk to Harry, but Hermione could still feel his foot press and play with hers. Ron’s breath hitched and one of his hands grabbed her ankle and rubbed it gently before pushing it away from his thigh.

Hermione smirked and Harry looked at them with a confused face. Ron smiled innocently to him and Harry got up.


Random Article Blend Should an artist be able to go back and revise their own work after it’s been officially presented? Star Wars fans might have something to say about that. Rowling’s recent comments about her current feelings over Ron and Hermione’s relationship, and whether or not Harry and Hermione should have ended up together have ruffled feathers, and understandably so. To be fair, commenting on her work isn’t the same as repainting pieces of her masterpiece.

But her opinions do still carry weight, however, so I don’t blame fans for the verbal uproar. But if we look at the full context of what she actually said — and what she actually didn’t say — I’m coming out in support of her opinions, or her right to express them, anyway.

After Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls’ toilets, she becomes close friends with them and often uses her quick wit, deft recall, and encyclopaedic knowledge to help them. Rowling has stated that Hermione resembles her at a younger age, with her insecurity and fear of failure.

I really hope no one is paying you to churn out such second-rate analysis. By this logic, one can justify any couple under the sun. He is impulsive, brave, insecure, loyal, jealous, caring and astonishingly bright at times. It is one of her most interesting flaws. Were you a soothsayer back in Ancient Egypt? He was annoyed by her, and felt dwarfed by her intelligence, is all. Notice that he often called her a know-it-all, but grew angry and defensive upon her behalf when Snape said the same thing.

Remember how he reacted when Ginny and Dean started dating? To which I would say, she is wrong. A romance would ruin all of that, and destroy the central trio of characters. MissPeach This reasons are totally ridiculous!!! Of course Harry and Hermiones chemistry is right, they are best friends! And I dont think Harry is the third wheel.

Hermione Granger Bashing

February 7, Obsessed with Harry Potter? I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series. I attended book store parties for the last three books with my daughters. And recently hello, Polar Vortex I re-read the entire series. I love the hero and heroine journey and, more importantly, the underlying message of the entire series:

Oct 16,  · The moment it became clear that they liked each other is when Ron was the in the hospital after being poisened and hermione stayed by his bed side and he was saying her name in his sleep(6th Book). they didn’t acually kiss till 3/4 of the 7th : Resolved.

This is one half of a dueling column. Harry and Hermione getting together is something that several fans thought should and would happen as the Harry Potter stories developed so many years ago, and rightfully so. While some people claim that the leading man getting with the leading lady is stereotypical and boring, we think that in the case of Harry Potter it just makes sense. In Goblet of Fire Viktor Krum found himself so jealous of Harry that he instigated a private conversation with the man himself, which surprised Harry since the older Quidditch star considered him a rival.

Over the seven years, Hermione was consistently impressed with what Harry had to offer in terms of intelligence and bravery. Several times in the novels Hermione told Harry how much she admired him.

Ron and Hermione Romance Stories

Yes, I am heartbroken. It is as if…Rose had met Cal Hockley in her Titanic heaven! Oh, I could go on and on, but I digress. This is not an argument against Rowling, it is simply another couple I shall pull lessons from because it is February, and I promised that I would focus on love this month. But, uh, Team Romione, or Heron, or whatever the kids call them.

Sorry Ron/Hermione shippers, but it seems another nail has been driven into the coffin of your doomed OTP (that’s One True Pairing for noobs). “I would expect Ron has probably divorced.

Her boyfriend Ron abuses her, and makes her feel worthless. Who will be her savior, when her knight turns dark? Warning, Graphic Violence-Please don’t read if this offends you Rated: This is my third fanfiction story on this site, and i hope it turns out well: Chapter One I was sitting at the burrow, like I did almost every summer before school started again, but this time it was different for many reasons. It’s only been a few months since the war ended, and Voldemort was defeated.

The school was finally finished being rebuilt, and they were admitting students back in. It was also different because they allowed all students who didn’t finish their last year at Hogwarts, to return.

‘Harry Potter’ Kissing Scene ‘Tricky’ For Rupert Grint

Rowling has announced that she made a mistake having Ron and Hermione end up together. I also personally find Ron and Hermione to be magnificent together, and I think that my own bushy brown hair and piles of books give me some authority here. When would this Hermione and Harry relationship have happened?

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When does ron and hermione start dating 7 signs taylor swift and karlie kloss are no longer bffs They finally kiss in deathly hallows- the last installment of the hp series. Rowling makes her disclosure in an interview that emma watson conducted with her for the entertainment mag, Draco malfoy, played by tom felton, has turned to the dark side. Harry is basically freeing her from the responsibility of being his girlfriend.

Starting in , the blond actor, who played young gellert grindelwald for. But as hermione and ron grew to love one another romantically, watson and grint became more like brother and sister, making the snogging scene all the weirder for them. Were you one of those kids that believed that sex kills during sex education?

The Unexpected: A Harry And Hermione Fan Fiction

For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron. Begins in Summer , right before the second generation starts at Hogwarts. Unrequited love is never easy But a new girl changes Hermione’s attitude completely..

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed Flavour Condoms. I held my breath when Lavender got pregnant with Won-Won’s baby, and I sighed with relief every time Ron and Hermione had a passionate, detailed.

The character of Ron fits many of the stereotypes expected of the sidekick ; he is often used as comic relief , is loyal to the hero, and lacks much of the talent Harry possesses, at least in terms of magical power; however, he proves his bravery several times, such as playing ‘real wizard’s chess’ in the first book, and entering into the Forbidden Forest with Harry during the second book despite his arachnophobia. Some of Ron’s qualities serve as foils to Harry.

While Harry is an orphan with more gold than he needs, Ron comes from a loving but poor family; many of his possessions are hand-me-downs. Harry is famous but would prefer to avoid the spotlight; Ron, in comparison, is often perceived as a mere lackey and sometimes becomes jealous of the recognition Harry receives. Finally, Ron is the most mediocre of his siblings, being as of the first book neither an excellent Quidditch player, a noteworthy student, nor the daughter his mother always wanted.

All of these factors combined cause Ron to feel insecure; Ron’s inferiority complex and his need to prove himself, is the main thrust of his character arc. Ron and Harry share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express , and they begin their friendship: Ron is fascinated with the famous Harry, and Harry is fascinated with the ordinary Ron.

It is here that they both meet Hermione Granger as well, whom they initially dislike but who later becomes their close friend after they save each other during a dangerous encounter with a mountain troll.

She’s Got Nice Skin!