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Rebecca decides to get a GED but finds that she has a lot of work to do, especially in math and science. Jeremiah sinks all of his money into a piece of land in Florida, but a man informs him that he cannot build on it because it is a swamp. Jeremiah learns that the neighbors lied to him so they could maintain their privacy and he can build after all. Mary tries out as many “English” activities as she can. Andrew considers telling Chester what Mary is up to but thinks better of it. Meanwhile, Sabrina worries about what will become of her baby. Rebecca works on her GED prep and then decides to fly to Sarasota.

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Share this article Share Among the characters, Rebecca and Abe are portrayed as meeting for the first time on the show – with a possible love match on the cards. But, after the show depicts the pair getting closer and Abe proposing to Rebecca, she reveals she has been divorced – to his apparent shock. On the show, Rebecca and Abe, pictured, claim they have never met before ‘Falling in love’: Rebecca had actually left her husband for Abe shortly after her marriage in March ‘I have to make a decision between you and, like, being Amish,’ he says on the show.

But a photograph uploaded to a Facebook page, Breaking Amish the Truth , apparently shows that the pair in fact already have a child together. Reports and marriage records reveal that Rebecca married Rufus Hostetler in March before divorcing him this past summer, although their relationship apparently broke down much earlier.

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While the network issued a late September statement that it would address the allegations in Breaking Amish ‘s upcoming episodes, viewers have yet to learn any details. TLC issued the statement after various reports surfaced claiming at least some of the Breaking Amish cast members — who allegedly left behind their strict traditional Amish and Mennonite communities for the first time to chase their dreams in New York City — had already lived outside of their closed communities before the show was filmed.

Blogs and message boards have also featured old photos of cast members in modern clothes, as well as copies and links to alleged marriage certificates, arrest records, and social media content. According to a Daily News source close to Breaking Amish , at least one of the cast members hid the fact that he or she had lived in the outside world, been married, had kids, and gotten divorced prior to participating in the show.

It reportedly became clear to the show’s producers as production went on that this person, and possibly another, had misrepresented themselves. Recent Breaking Amish broadcasts have reportedly shown the pair beginning to date and Abe asking Rebecca to marry him only to find out she was allegedly married before.


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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Return to Amish

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window So my new favorite show premiered last night. TLC debuted what is sure to be a smash hit, Breaking Amish. Let me tell you.

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Sound like a voiceover for a movie trailer, doesn’t it? Makes sense, given that movies are also fake. While TLC wants audiences to believe that Breaking Amish documents people as they “trade horse and buggy with taxi cabs,” saying goodbye to their communities in favor of traveling to New York City, the reality is entirely different. It turns out the cast and storylines are not as genuine as they appear. From secret marriages and manipulative producers to sexy photoshoots and drug arrests, let’s dive into the untold truth of Breaking Amish.

According to the blogger, Raber had left the Amish community when he was 18 years old, though he was in his 30s when he appeared on the show via Jezebel. So, did he keep his SUV in the barn? These are the burning questions we need answered.

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Jeremiah had told Sabrina that he broke up with Kym. Sabrina is a sensitive sort; another cast member, who soon went to stick up for her, noted that Sabrina does not know how to stand up for herself. Sabrina began crying, and Kym called her a baby.

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If Only Return To Amish’s Rebecca WouldYou Know, Return To Amish

This means that women typically wear a long, loose fitting dress and a cap. Their clothing is reportedly meant to prevent vanity and encourage those in the Amish community to focus on other aspects of life , aside from physical appearance. And it’s not just the women who need to dress a certain way, but also the men. Jeremiah Raber has also reportedly revealed that he has been asked to leave the Amish community on three separate occasions, and this was reportedly for dressing “English,” which typically means in a way that is “non-Anabaptist.

We don’t have to think twice about turning on the hot water for a shower, we don’t stress about getting home to a dark house and having to rummage around the draws in search of a candle because we have electricity, obviously , and we don’t give a second thought to putting on sunglasses. But for those living in an Amish community, these simple things are considered a luxury, and it wasn’t until Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, Kate, and Sabrina appeared on the show at least that’s what TLC wants us to believe that they reportedly discovered sunglasses, and showers without needing a bucket.

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But the assorted cast members who have participated in the TLC series have garnered quite a fair share of other scandals over time that were possibly more shocking than their decisions to leave the communities they grew up in. The other various members of their families who have been introduced over the years have also had their fair shares of scandal as well. TLC In more recent years, Sabrina has had a fair amount of press devoted to her struggles. She also lost custody of her daughter at that time.

Season three saw a cleaned up Sabrina fighting to get custody of Oakley again, and succeeding. However, she lost custody of her daughter again in She also gave birth to a second daughter, Arianna. It is unclear if why she lost custody of Oakley again will be addressed on the new season, though it appears her new battle was showcased in a preview.

Following the reveal on the show, Chapel took to social media with her struggle, and even had a Go Fund Me page to help fund money for an alternative treatment after chemo allegedly made her too ill. However, she later landed in major legal troubles as well, with drug busts and jail time. Fans began wondering if the cancer had all been a lie. Season three saw Jeremiah marrying a woman named Carmela, but the couple appears to have hit a major rough patch.

What scandals will unfold this season?

Crazy Days and Nights: Breaking Amish Isn’t Real

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Model and fashion designer Kate Stoltz took to Twitter yesterday to express her frustration at ever having agreed to appear on the show, apparently due to the creative liberties taken by producers with editing. It upsets me that people see someone like KimKardashian and think that reality TV gives people this automatic success. Because of a sex tape or something? We agree with Kate completely about Kim Kardashian!

Does She Deserve It? I just wish people would know the truth So:

Breaking Amish: Kate on a Date!